Smart Ways To Make Sure Your Clients Pay You On-time

Debt Collection Agency

In business, your profit is only valid once you get paid. Outstanding payments and bad debts cannot be included in your revenue portfolio no matter how reliable or trustworthy your client is. Also, debt recovery is significantly more…

Avoiding First-time Small Business Owner Mistakes

invoice finance

Setting up your first small business is likely to evoke a combination of exhilaration and excitement, as well as the sheer terror of knowing how many things could go wrong. There are some common mistakes that first-time small…

How to Capitalise on Your Data

Most organisations have already started to move towards advanced data and analytics. Advanced analytics and analytics in general, not only adds value to business operations and drives profitability but also offers a wealth of possibilities if utilised effectively….

Employing Efficiency In Debt Collection Services

collection agency melbourne

Debt collection is a demanding process. It consumes resources, time and money. In most cases, this happens because of inefficiency in the management of the debt collection process. Lack of adequate capacity to track down debtors is a…

C-suite talk: Advanced analytics

Advanced Analytics

Data and advanced analytics have become the norm in most industries, but many enterprises are still struggling to extract real value from data. Given that the stakes are incredibly high; companies who advance farthest and fastest will have…

Five common misconceptions about invoice financing

Five common misconceptions about invoice financing

Managing your cash flow well is often the determining factor as to whether your company succeeds or fails. Fortunately, the advent of invoice financing has made addressing this challenge much more comfortable. With customers often taking more than…

A cure for cash-flow concerns

A cure for cash-flow concerns

If you’re a small or medium sized business struggling with cash flow problems you are absolutely not alone, but there are steps you can take immediately to take back control of your finances. No business, large or small,…

Building a Data Lake: An Agile Approach

Data lake

The immense economic growth, ever-expanding cloud-storage capacity, and increasing network connectivity have resulted in an exponentially growing ocean of data. Data flows to companies’ data warehouses in countless structured or unstructured formats from a vast variety of sources….

The European Central Bank: A Forex Trader’s Guide

Forex Trader’s Guide

Living in Australia, we often feel ‘safe’ from global disasters. But in the forex world, we’re just as affected by Sino-American trade wars, Brexit, and EU policies. That’s why we need a solid understanding of the ECB (European…

Spreading Your Risk Across Nations

International Stock trading

Globalization has opened up international stock markets, meaning that it is inpresent day possible to trade on instruments in states and economies that may be outperforming local instruments due to influences like a weakening stock market or national…