Eight tips for improving your payment terms with suppliers

debt collectors

To keep your business successful it is important to keep a close eye on cash flow. If you do not control how much money is coming in and going out, your business is most likely to experience the…

Centrelink’s debt recovery disasters continue

debt recovery

The welfare agency Centrelink has been under investigation for months now as a result of its automated debt recovery scheme, also called robo-debt. Due to the controversial system, more than 20,000 welfare recipients were accused of over-payments and…

Debt collection practices to revisit before 2019

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The Australian Supplier Payment Code is administered by the Victorian Small Business Commission. Under the code, businesses are asked to pay suppliers within 30 days of receiving an invoice and to not after the arrangement without a valid…

What trade credit insurance can provide you

credit insurance

Unfortunately, a lot of bankruptcies happen due to unpaid invoices. Trade Credit Insurance is a great way to protect your cash flow from political risks and non-payment trade-related debts owed to you. Unpaid invoices can happen for many…

What trade credit insurance can provide you

trade credit insurance

Credit management is an important aspect of any business. This is because credit management techniques can affect how much cash is available or isn’t available for operational activities. Thus, you may want to consider acquiring trade credit insurance….

B2B debt collection tips

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Most Australian businesses provide services or products in exchange for payments. Clients can be individual consumers or often be another business, which the first one contracts as this is often the case in the building industry. It is…