Will Remote Work Change Tech Salaries?

Working from home remote work inspirational social media lightbox message board next to laptop and coffee cup for COVID-19 quarantine closure of all businesses.

Remote work went from a once-a-week escape from the office to a plausible solution for offices everywhere. Even teachers and students transitioned from in-person tutelage to virtual calls with online-only interactions. While classes will likely return to their…

How to Capitalise on Your Data

Most organisations have already started to move towards advanced data and analytics. Advanced analytics and analytics in general, not only adds value to business operations and drives profitability but also offers a wealth of possibilities if utilised effectively….

C-suite talk: Advanced analytics

Advanced Analytics

Data and advanced analytics have become the norm in most industries, but many enterprises are still struggling to extract real value from data. Given that the stakes are incredibly high; companies who advance farthest and fastest will have…

Building a Data Lake: An Agile Approach

Data lake

The immense economic growth, ever-expanding cloud-storage capacity, and increasing network connectivity have resulted in an exponentially growing ocean of data. Data flows to companies’ data warehouses in countless structured or unstructured formats from a vast variety of sources….