Freshen up your expo displays this spring


Spring comes with numerous outdoor and indoor expos. It’s prudent to take the opportunity to sell your brand and drive sales. Marketing is all about convincing potential clients to make a purchase. Visual aids have always proved to be effective in marketing at expos. Banners, media walls and brochures are among the many display options available for brand and product marketing. An array of designs exists and the more captivating the marketing medium, the more effective it is at meeting its objective. What makes a display captivating ranges from the visual content to the choice of the display medium.

You are probably not the only brand setting up at an expo, therefore, it’s crucial to stand out from your competitors. Exhibition displays have an array of designs that are guaranteed to make your set up unique. The options available are suited for both indoor and outdoor expos. Unlike other displays, exhibition displays turn the whole marketing agenda into an experience for the potential client. Unfortunately, to keep clients coming to your stand, you need to revamp your display. Here are a few tips to freshen up your expo display this spring.

Get the right size

When it comes to displays, size is a big concern. The size influences the visibility of your display and consequently, it’s effectiveness. Outdoor expos pull a lot of brands and potential competitors. Therefore, going big might be the best way to set yourself apart from the rest. A big exhibition stand visually stands out. If it’s coupled with a captivating design, you are certain to get numbers flocking at your stand. On the other hand, indoor expos have limited space. Therefore, a small exhibition display is enough to get you all the attention you need. A big display with a unique design is costly. More often than not, an uninformed investment in such an exhibition display may not have good returns especially when going bigger is not better.

Redesign the structure of your exhibition display

Designing an exhibition display requires expertise. There are various packages offered for exhibition displays. They vary with size and layout. The 3×3 exhibition booth is a compact design that is ideal for indoor expos or limited spaces. It has a slim back wall with a portable fabric of under three metres in either regular or rectangular style. Cut designs can be added to the fabric. Moreover, the back wall can be paired with internal stand-up banners, branded desks, tables, temporary shelves and chairs. A wide range of finishes are available and personal preference is what guides the design. Bigger booths are also available and if need be a unique design can be fabricated from the group up to meet your specific requirements.

Different elements can be added to your exhibition design to augment its effectiveness. If you are setting up a complete unit to take a potential client through your product line up or service, zones would simplify your work. Partitions can be installed in your booth to set up sections for waiting, consulting, sampling and purchasing your products. A floor plan can be designed to adequately divide the space available in your booth. Branded floor elements would also go well with a massive booth. Since there are always customers milling around, attractive structural designs are certain to reel in potential clients.



Get the right content on your displays

Once you have a good set up, it’s crucial to make sure the visuals in your exhibition display sell your brand, product or service. The visual element of a marketing medium must be captivating enough to instigate a desire to find out more. This can be achieved through text, pictures and different colour elements. The colour you use on your designs should say something about your product. Moreover, if you go for a picture be certain to create an association between product or service and the picture you have. Visual designs aid in getting attention but they can also be used to make a call to action. Therefore, assess the design of your exhibition booth and come up with a captivating visual design to complement your set up.

Have a variety for your displays

Despite setting up a booth, you still need other marketing tools to add flesh to your set up. You can never go wrong with banners. A medium-sized roll up banner is enough to capture the attention of any passing customer. Media walls, on the other hand, make booths look good and attractive. Table covers, chair cover, display boards and multimedia counters add to the whole customer experience while good salespeople finish off the job of making sales.

Therefore, revamp your exhibition display this spring and cease the opportunity to sell your brand and products. For the best results, get the best display.



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