How Many Portable Banners Will You Need for an Outdoor Expo?


Portable banners are an essential tool when it comes to representing your business at an exhibition or event. Your expo kit should contain everything you need to create an engaging and inviting space to intrigue passers-by and eventually draw them into your display. Your display kit is a representation of your business and branding is crucial. Your display kit should clearly display your brand and your company logo and ethos. In this post, we will take an in-depth look at the essentials for your display kit and how many portable banners are required for a successful exhibition.

The Media Wall

The media wall is your starting point and usually the central focal point of your display setup. The media wall maximises your brand and is great utilisation of advertising space. They are quite large and will fit into a three-metre exhibition setup. Although they are big, they fold down to a portable unit that comes in a handy carry bag. Then when you get to the site you simply take it out the back and pull it up and away you go.  They can be printed in high definition colour so your company logo will be beaming brightly and attracting some serious attention.

Retractable Banner Stands

You should have at least two retractable banners stands. Four is better and will give you more options to play around with when it comes times to set up your exhibition. Retractable banners stands are great as they have a solid base and will support themselves which makes them versatile and very useful as no fixed points are needed – so you won’t have to play around with ropes and strings. You can also have them printed single or double sided for omnidirectional exposure. They are a must-have in your exhibition kit and will make your life a lot easier when it comes time to create your display.

They can also be used to direct traffic into your exhibition at the same time displaying valuable information and branding.  Get different sizes and set them up so they create a feeling of depth that will engage and draw in potential clients and customers.

Hanging Banners

It’s also a good idea to have a few hanging banners handy for your display. They usually come in three sizes from 580mm up to 1000mm. They good for displaying information or creating visual appeal. It’s a good idea to think of your exhibition holistically and each display element will interact with each other. Some foresight will allow you to create an exciting display and give you some idea of what design to get printed on each banner.

You may choose to get each banner printed in the colours of your brand. Say your logo contains red, blue, and yellow. You may decide to print each one in a singular colour. Then when it comes time to set up the display, the different coloured banners sporting the colours of your brand will combine to create the overall aesthetic of your brand.

Portable banners are a great way of promoting your brand at an outdoor exhibition for a number of reasons. They are highly effective and the high definition printing will ensure your brand is represented to its full potential. They are really easy to transport and the retractable banners take minutes to set up and can stand alone – which makes them handy especially in an outdoor situation.

A little bit of planning will give you an indication of how many portable banners you will need. As an educated guess I wouldn’t have less than four varying sizes and prints. This will ensure that all your display needs will be covered and your business will be represented properly and engage customers and hopefully draw them into your exhibition. Use the portable banners to frame your display and accentuate the main focal point which will usually be your media wall, multimedia, desk or counter, or product display.

So get creative and do some planning and who knows what exciting and engaging exhibition displays you can come up with to set your business apart from the pack and attract new customers. Portable banners will become your best friends and help you out with all your exhibition needs.

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