Newly listed tech stocks to watch in October

Technology has been one of those sectors that has always been an integral part of the growth curve of our economy, to a point of any where it is no surprise that they are some of the largest, most far reaching and fastest growing companies in the world today. Tech companies have propelled the world economies in ways unimaginable since the turn of the last century, and have proven to be some of the most lucrative for shareholders. In a world where everything is being made easier through constant innovation and new improvements being introduced every other day to the processes of our day to day lives, technology companies are in a sense a vessel of the growth we are experiencing in the ever-changing world of today.

With this strong investment in the future, those interested in investing in international stock have to always keep up with the latest trends in the volatile sea of change that is the stock market. It is up to them to keep their eyes peeled to find and suitable stocks to trade and to know when is the time to acquire or get rid of a stock for your benefit, especially in penny stocks for tech companies. Therefore, the group of very promising tech companies includes these following stocks which are of great import and leading in their sectors and have the potential to capture their share of the market through their specific niches.


GLU Mobile Inc. (GLUU)

This company makes game applications for smartphones. Many of the titles it produces in the industry gain fast traction among a very vast selection of people on phones and tablets. Many of them are based on films like action movies while others are based upon existing console games, e.g. their biggest, best-performing title being the role-playing game set on the life of reality TV star Kim Kardashian. The celebrity focus has set this product ahead of the rest and appealing to a demographic of young ladies to the point that in every three of their products, two are geared towards women. Now that’s a very concise and rewarding path to growth.

With a market capitalization of $1.07 billion, it is definitely a big stock to watch, and with their impressive revenue projections, it will be sure to give a substantial return.


 Arotech Corporation (ARTX)

This company has tapped into some of the most impressive trends of gadgets and gizmos of our times which are virtual reality and drones. They ply their trade creating technology for the military and law enforcement using simulations and use-of-force trainings as their lead specialties in their repertoire. The company also finds a ready market in the sectors of emergency response and security systems, with their weapons simulations for aircraft and missile systems a very useful product. They recently secured a contract for a subsidiary, FAAC to a tune of about $29 Million update convoy simulators for the U.S Marines. Now that’s

With a market capitalization of $88.8 Million, it has stood up and been counted as a leading provider of surveillance and attack technologies in a day when Artificial Intelligence and the use of drones is on everyone’s mind. The stock of Arotech has high precedent for growth and a high potential such as this needs a good consideration over a stock such as this.


Zix Corporation (ZIXI)

This is an email service provider, which prides itself in secure messaging via a unique system of encryption together with the advantage of avoiding the contingency of downloading. This service is accessible and markets itself to corporate and government institutions.

This company has risen 65% in sales over the past years and at times can tend to range out of the penny stock category-that is its price per share rises above one dollar. With a relatively small market capitalization of roundabout $318 million, and with its steady increase in revenues, it can prove to be another great stock to invest in.


Plug Power Inc. (PL UG)

A company that provides fuel cell solutions, this is one of the players in the mushrooming industry of alternative energy. This company’s longevity is belied by its penny stock status, having been up and running since 1997. It has a market capitalization of around $393 million and will hopefully gather momentum as the alternative energy industry despite previous setbacks, thus in it is another great stock selection.

The aforementioned penny stocks have the potential to flourish due to their demand and capacity for growth in the industries they serve. As for other tech stocks, they are part of a growth of these tech companies, the likes of which are now the largest in the world, and hold unlimited promise for investment.

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